Packservice Ltd. guarantees high quality foils with thickness from 20, up to 110µ, and maximum tape width 1300 mm.
CAST PP film is characterized by a very wide range of applications, such as:

  • packing production requiring pasteurisation and sterilization
  • packaging for fresh vegetables
  • packaging for breads, sweets
  • packaging for textiles clothing etc.
  • laminates

BOPP Film features good heat sealability, high transparency and gloss, beneficial mechanical properties and low water vapour and odourpermability
We distribute this  foils with thickness from 20, up to 40µ .
.BOPP Film may be used for packaging products in:
- confectionery product (wafers, cakes, chocolate bars)
- packaging tea, coffee
- cosmetics
- fancy goods
- clothes

We have the possibility to make perforation on the films of various types and various thicknesses. Maximum width of perforated film is 1000 mm. The type of film 1300 mm with margins 150 mm . Minimal width of perforation is 50 mm.
Perforated film is applied in baking industry, it is also used as a transparent part in paper bags used for packing the bakery products, in this case partial micro-perforation is used. Such a solution allows to keep freshness and crunchiness of baking products, even when it is packed hot, thanks to perforation the steam gets outside.
Wrapping made of perforated film is also used in the industry of cured meat products so that the products have the access to fresh air and, simultaneously, they do not dry out.

We offer services of hot macro perforation of polypropylene film. Holes with diameter of 8 mm or 6 mm.
This is a segment perforation in any set-up on the width of the tape. Width of the tape upto 1200 mm.